B2B Spice Money – Registration & List Of Services

B2b Spice Money or Business to Business Spice Money is a non-banking entity run by the Spice Web Portal. It was granted a license to run quite a few banking services by the Reserve Bank of India about 5-6 years ago.

In a battle of licenses, only quite a handful of companies got the license for b2b spice money, among which Spice Money was one. The two types of payments that Spice Money specializes in are:

  • IMPS
  • NEFT

b2b spice money

In this article, we will brief in on what exactly is b2b Spice Money, the features provided by it and how can you register yourself to become an agent of your own choice under spice safar. The article will have pictorial representations so that you can understand it easily.

B2B Spice Money In Detail

As we have mentioned in the introduction part before,  b2b Spice Money is a non-banking entity that takes care of quite a few banking and transnational procedures. The official website is as follows: https://www.spicemoney.com/v1/

The website would look like this:

b2b spice money homepage

Spice Money is a semi-closed P.P.I Wallet or Prepaid Payment Instrument Wallet given prior permission by the Reserve Bank of India. You can carry out any sort of online transactions through b2b Spice Money using these particular methods:

  • Aadhaar Pay
  • UPI or Unified Payments Interface
  • QR Code Scan etc.

These are the particular ways you can pay your transfer your money from one account to another online. Credit and Debit cards can also be used. The small hand-held machines, also known as POS or Point of Sale machines are also present.

These machines help in reading the Magnetic Strip or the EMV Chip on a Debit or Credit card.

With the help of these, you can easily pay or transfer the money from one place to another. In the next section, we will brief in on what are the services that you will be able to access with the help of Spice Money.

B2B Spice Money Services

The introduction of Spice Money reduced the headache of people as far as quite a few things were concerned. There are a number of services that Spice Money provides help with are extremely beneficial and time-saving for people from all walks of life.

The services are as follows:

  • Direct Money Transfer
  • Aadhaar Enabled Payment System
  • Payments Solution
  • Bharat Bill Pay
  • eKYC / Authentication
  • Travel Tickets and Accommodation
  • Loans and Insurance
  • DTH and Mobile Recharges etc.

These are the few notable services that are mentioned here in the list. The total number of services can be checked at the official website of Spice Money. Moreover, you can get the general idea that you will be able to handle a lot more than you can normally with the help of Spice Money.

Having said that, you can be one of the four types of agents using Spice Money. Those are as follows:

  • Retailer
  • IRCTC Agent
  • Payment Solution Merchant
  • Distributor

You can choose what you really want to be and go ahead with the process of registration which will be explained in the subheading.

B2B Spice Money Registration

In order to register yourself for the Business to Business Spice Money agent approval, you need to make sure that you are ready from all corners and specifications from your side. Follow these few steps to register yourself successfully:

The website, whose link has been given in the first point itself, would look like this:

Spice Money Registration

As you can see, you have about 5 columns to deal with while going for the Registration process namely:

  • Select whether New User or Existing User
  • Distributor /  Retailer Section
  • New User Basic Details
  • Document Upload
  • Confirmation

As you can see, you need to fill out the particular columns accordingly and go ahead with the process.

Note down the important Registration details at the end of the procedure. Carry out the authentication measures through OTP or One Time Password received on your Mobile Phone.

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