CSC Banner Download – Branding Guidelines & Requirement

CSC banner download or the Common Service Center’s Shop front and its signage have a great impact in nowadays.

The government of India has decided to set up Common Service Centers (CSCs) in all of 2.5 Lakh Grama Panchayats and provide all the various e-services to people in rural and remote areas under the Digital India Programme.

This decision was formulated under the CSC 2.0 programme in the pursuance of the Government’s Commitment.

Under this programme, all the CSCs across the country should have a common look and feel while also incorporating some of the local flavors by using the state logo and name of the respective Kendra or CSC.

The details of the CSC shop front or simply “CSC Banner” are shown and explained in this article.

Read the whole carefully of how the design of a CSC Banner should be various states are clearly explained with lots of details and points.

Guidelines for Common Branding of CSC Banner

Under the CSC 2.0 Scheme, the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MEITY) has issued new branding guidelines of how the design of the CSC Banner should be and the details to design the banner.

The CSC Banner for 29 states and 7 Union territories has been developed in their respective regional languages.

As per the issued new Branding Guidelines,

  • A shop front board of minimum 6 x 3 ft (width x height) should be displayed.
  • This Design incorporates the CSC ID or OMT ID on left top corner of the board.
  • This goes along with the State CSC Logo and the name of CSC Kendra.
  • The Complete address of the shop should be printed at the bottom of the board.
  • The Address including the Gram Panchayat/District and State to be mentioned.
  • The CSC Banner should be hoisted on an iron frame with flexo printing.
  • Appropriate lighting arrangement is required for common branding.

The VLE has to submit his/her picture of their branded CSC along with their details like Name, OMT ID, Mobile Number and complete address to the CSC State Co-ordinator.

The monetary assistance of Rs.3500/- per CC for branding costs will be provided to those VLEs.

If anyone is interested to design the Front board by themselves, then the common branding guidelines for each state are mentioned in the official portal of the CSC website. Below are the steps to get to that page.

  • Visit the CSC Official online portal.
  • Hover the cursor on the “Resources” option on the homepage.
  • Click on the “Common Branding” from the drop-down list.
  • Or just click here – to go to the page directly.
  • There you can click on your respective State to download the files required.

By following the above procedure, you get to download a ZIP file which is needed to be extracted where you can find a sample image and some files required to design a CSC Shop front board on yourselves.

Requirements for CSC Banner

The quality of the Common Service Center (CSC) shop’s front board design banner is a vital component to improve the feel and outlook for Common Service Centers (CSCs).

An attractive environment will, in turn, attract more customers to visit the CSCs and encourage them to visit more often to avail various services offered by these centers.

csc banner download

Documents are provided to the candidate which includes of guidance on the principles that should be followed in the process of erection and installing shop fronts.

Along with the above-mentioned board with the same dimensions, the following is the list which is found when you extract the file downloaded from the CSC Website.

  • One Sample Image File of the Shopfront board.
  • CoreiDraw file of the  image to edit and design your own board.
  • Fonts that are used in the front board image.
  • Details of the fonts in a text file.

Using these, one can easily design themselves a new Front board as per the principles and guidelines issued by the Government of India under the CSC 2.0 Scheme.

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