Digipay Error – How To Solve DigiPay Errors

Digipay errors – Here we complete information and solutions for Digi Pay errors. Digipay is the payment feature that is available at the Common Service Centers of all the states across the whole country of India. Digipay is an online-based authenticated payment system.

With the help of Digipay, people can pay off for their services or any particular taxes or charges at the Common Service Center itself. They don’t have to visit the respective government officials to carry out the same.

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In this article, we will brief in on all the errors faced by Digipay users and the basic things that you can do to get rid of these errors.

Digipay Errors And Solutions

In this section of the article, we will describe in on all the errors faced by Digipay users. Those will be detailed accordingly:

Fingerprint Authentication:


Sometimes, the fingerprint authentication method has a bunch of problems when in work. The machines that tap the fingerprints get into issues. In order to know more about this, you need to visit the official website specified.

The official website specified by the UIDAI is as follows: https://developer.uidai.gov.in/node/39


System Overload Error:


This error occurs when the older version of Digipay is installed in the system. To get it fixed, uninstall the older version of Digipay and delete CSC E-governance Services India Limited and Fingerprint sensors folders from C: drive or whatever drive where you have installed it in.
Then download Digipay software from register.csc.gov.in/digipay and install the newly downloaded software on your computer.
No Connection Error:


This is the error that occurs mostly when the connection is faulty or broken. In order to get rid of this issue, check the internet connection in the desktop/laptop and then try to register after some time.
If it still doesn’t work, contact your Internet Service Provider accordingly.

‘Morpho.sdk.cppwrapperclass.dll’ error: This error occurs when Morpho drivers are not working.

Morpho drivers are the driver programs that you need to install in your computer to run the fingerprint sensor device perfectly.

Uninstall the Morpho drivers and the older version of Digipay and delete CSC E-governance Services India Limited and Fingerprint sensors folders from C: drive.

Then, download the updated Digipay software and Morpho drives from http://register.csc.gov.in/digipay. Firstly, install Morpho software and then Digipay software.

These are the basic errors that you get mostly. Remember to update your Operating System and the .NET Framework to make sure that the Digipay software runs smoothly on your computer.

Digipay in General

With the Digital India initiative in contention, the central government of India is focusing hard on the digitization part. The whole country, in which transactions, documentations everything is being digitized.

This is done in order to facilitate transparency albeit the risk of cyber threats awaits on our heads. With these things in mind, the government introduced Digipay, where you can pay off the respective fees or charges at a CSC itself.


The payment is carried out after an Aadhaar based authentication measure. You can use all sorts of online payment methods after this such as:

  • UPI
  • Net Banking
  • Credit and Debit Cards etc.

With biometric authentications in place, you need not worry about any illegitimacy in the whole situation.

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