Digitize India – Registration On DIP Platform

Digitize India is an initiative which was implemented by the CSC e-Governance services as a part of the Digital India Campaign which was started by the Honorable Prime Minister of India, Sri Narendra Modi.

Now Government has provided a Digitize India Platform (DIP) for the citizens of India to get participated in it and to get paid.

In this article, you are going to know full information about the Digitize India and the platform created by the CSC e-Governance Services Pvt Ltd. Make use of the Digitize India Platform (DIP) and get a chance to build India. Read the whole article to know all the details regarding the Digitize India.

Under this programme, the Government will digitize the public records, physical records, and also reduce the pile papers that are stored in record rooms or offices of Government, Government Organisations, and even non-Governmental Private Organisations.

How to Join Digitize India

Digitize India Platform (DIP) allows the organizations to not only to free their warehousing real estate but enables them to keep all of their records and other important files in a safer and protected environment.

Through this Digitize India Platform (DIP), one can also join the platform for free through the procedure which was explained below.

By joining in the Digitize India Platform the candidate can even get to earn rewards based on his/her contribution to the Digital India campaign.

  • Visit the official online portal of the Digitize India Platform on the Internet.
  • Just click on the link, digitizeindia.gov.in to visit the page.
  • Register yourself as a User using your personal e-mail ID.
  • Log in with your User ID and Password and start Digitizing.

After going through the above procedure, Digitize India Platform (DIP) will facilitate in checking the accuracy, calculating the rewards gained by the User, and make payment to the respective User/Participant.

This is an easy and simple procedure for one who wants to contribute to Digitize India on their behalf to the Government of India.

Not only for the citizens, Government offers an opportunity for all the Government agencies to transform themselves into Digital Enterprises and for Digital Contributors, also rewards for doing small jobs.

Benefits of Digitize India

The main objective of Starting the Digitize India is to achieve the Vision of DIgital India to digitally empower the nation and every information that is digitally available. This Digitize India Platform offers an opportunity and rewards for doing simple data entry jobs.

The following are the benefits for the Government agencies for transforming themselves into a Digitized Platform/Enterprises as explained above.

  • This platform Randomly serves snippets to all of the Digital contributors.
  • Snippets are matched for converted data in the match engine
  • Correct entries get reward points for each correct words digitized
  • Platform organizes the snippet text digitized by contributors
  • Documents are re-assembled and provided back to the organizations.
  • All scanned images are shredded into snippets with meaning full data
  • Shredding is done as per Organizations requirement for data digitization
  • Documents metadata information is maintained throughout the life cycle of the document.

Users of Digitize India

With this Digitize India Platform (DIP), all the Organisations and Digital Contributors are benefitted in so many ways which are discussed briefly below.

a) Government Agencies or Organisations:

Any type of the Government Sectors such as Government departments, Public Sector Companies and also some of the autonomous bodies can use the Digitize India Platform (DIP) and can transform themselves into Digital Organisations.

  • One can digitally archive all the physical documents saving space and costs.
  • Safeguard any data or documents by replicating it across different locations.
  • Manage, archive or retrieve data more efficiently through keyword search.
  • Index the Document images and data through the data extracts as data tags.
  • Always can avoid the manual data entry and can extract the data in IT sector.

Digitizing all the data helps the user organizations and Government agencies to search and access the records more effectively. This Digitizing Procedure enables faster decision making. Everyone can secure and save the data through the restricted access and using efficient encryption techniques.

This Digitized Storage system reduces the Physical storage of the data and can be archived and retrieved easily with the help of the Digitize India.

b) Digital Contributors:

One can easily become a Digital Contributor by using the above procedure which was explained briefly. Any Indian Citizen having an Aadhaar number can be able to Join the Digitize India Platform and can carry out the Simple Data Entry job tasks on the Digitize India Platform (DIP).

  • One can simply perform the Simple Data Entry Jobs and earn rewards.
  • Redeem all those rewards to earn the additional earnings.
  • One can use the Digitize India for a meaningful purpose.
  • Enhance all of your IT Skills.
  • Increase the employment opportunities by Digitize India.
  • Contribute to Digital India as you are a part of it.
  • Do all the small tasks in the DIP and obtain Data entry certificate.
  • Work hard and get recognized as a Digital Contributor.

Once the task is done, the rewards are provided for every correct and verified task. The rewards are offered primarily based on the Digital Contributor’s Efficiency. One can redeem all the rewards points in the form of money or can be donated back to the Digital India scheme.

It is a perfect opportunity for a Digital Contributor to enhance their skills, increase the employment opportunities for other fellow Indian Citizens, also earn a Data Entry Operator Certificate by becoming a part of Digital India Initiative.

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