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PMGDISHA Center – Pradhan Mantri Gramin Digital Saksharta Abhiyan is one of the schemes launched by the Indian Government to make the Indian rural house household digitally literate.

Digital Literacy means training a person and making him able to use digital devices like smartphones, laptops, tablets and also make a profession out of it if possible.

In order to run a PMGDISHA – Pradhan Mantri Gramin Digital Saksharta Abhiyan center, the interested candidate must have a land which should be at least 300 sq feet land and at least consists of at least three or more computers.

Once PMGDISHA centers have all these minimum requirements then the candidate can apply for the PMGDISHA franchise which is explained below. In this article, you will get to know about the PMGDISHA centers and how to get registered for those centers. Read the article carefully so that you can get to know a whole lot of details on PMGDISHA.

Role of PMGDISHA Centers

PMGDISHA center or training centers play a vital role in reaching the main objective of the PMGDISHA scheme. These centers help the government to make 6 crore rural households digitally literate by the year 2019.

So in achieving those, more and more training centers are being started across the country. The following is the list of the Role of PMGDISHA center or training centers.

  • To make an invite for the eligible candidate from each rural household.
  • To provide quality training for all the candidates.
  • With the help of the official website:
  • To take down the attendance to make sure all the candidates are attending.
  • To conduct an assessment for the candidates to make sure they are learning.
  • Keeping all the records of the candidates attended the PMGDISHA center.
  • To make sure that all the candidates will appear for the online exams.

Also, to make sure that every candidate achieves good marks in exams. These are all to be made sure are happening as to run the PMGDISHA center successful without any remarks in the procedure.

pmgdisha center

Also, all the PMGDISHA centers are required to have the following list of documents.

  • Address Proof Document.
  • Name of the Director with Photographs, address, mobile numbers, email ID etc.
  • Scanned copy of the original Aadhaar card and Voter ID Card.
  • Previous work details and
  • Website address (if any).

All these are the minimum requirements for someone who is interested in starting a new training center with the permission of the Government of India. Make sure that all these documents check out before one start a PMGDISHA Center and don’t forget to know the role of the PMGDISHA Center.

PMGDISHA Center Registration Process

If anyone interested in running a PMGDISHA center or getting the franchise of PMGDISHA then they should get registered for the PMGDISHA Franchise as soon as possible.

  • Apply for the PMGDISHA Franchise through the online registration procedure.
  • Fill up the form in the official online portal of PMGDISHA.
  • Click on the link to visit the official website,
  • Click on the “Register” button and fill up all the details of the form.
  • Submit the required proof documents and also Identity proof document.

After some time about a month or two, you will get the official notification via email or SMS about your registration for the PMGDISHA Franchise. After getting approval from the Government one can start to register and train the students, who are willing to be the students of PMGDISHA.

The government suggested that digitally uneducated peoples from ‘every acceptable rural household’. can take the training from the PMGDISHA center to become digitally literate. People of age from 14-60 years can join here. The duration of the course is a minimum of 20 hours.

And one doesn’t need to worry about PMGDISHA’s fee because it is totally free of cost learning.

Eligible households can select one person from every rural family. And the selected people have to achieve themselves by enrolling under the programme in the nearby PMGDISHA Center.

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