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RAP Exam certificate or RAP License, also known as Rural Authorized Person license is an authorization that is given to the VLEs or Village Level Entrepreneurs by the main authorities.

The License to CSC e-Governance Services India Limited has been acquiesced on 12th Sept 2013 by Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority (IRDA) to act as an Authorized Mediator.

It is to market particularly endorsed insurance produce through the Rural Authorized Persons (Village Level Entrepreneur’s) beneath the CSC Scheme of National e-Governance Plan under the IRDA Guidelines on Common Service Centres, 2013.

  • The License acquiescence both Life and Non-Life Insurers in India to Market Retail Insurance Policies and Services through Common Service Centers Network.
  • They will have to comply with all the suitable stipulations of the Insurance Act, 1938, the IRDA Act, 1999.
  • The rules, regulations, circulars or guidelines, as appropriate, issued from time to time.

A VLE is commissioned to entreat or allocate an Insurance policy of ‘ALL THE INSURANCE COMPANIES’ with which CSC SPV has an agreement.

This convenience to vend insurance products and volunteer services near to homes would significantly develop insurance penetration in rural areas.

Insurance penetration in India was just 3.96 per cent in 2012.

RAP Certificate Download

There are a few steps that you need to follow in order to download the certificate for Rural Authorized Person (RPA). You need to possess the information about certain important things before proceeding ahead. The steps are as follows:

Expanding on the points mentioned above, firstly, you need to visit the website given. It is the official website to download the Rural Authorized Person Certificate or the RAP Certificate.

After visiting the website, it would look something like this:

RAP Certificate Download

As you can see in the image, you need to fill out the following details correctly:

  • Registration Number
  • Mobile Number
  • CAPTCHA code

The registration number is the number given to you during the time of registration. The mobile number is the official one which you have registered along with the CSC account.

The CAPTCHA code is a 6-character alphanumeric string that you need to re-enter as an authentication measure. It verifies you whether you are a human or a robot.

Click on the Submit button and then you can easily download the RAP License or RAP Certificate from the official website.

RAP Certificate Re-New

In case you want to renew your Rural Authorized Person (RAP) certificate, here’s a decent way to do it. You need to follow a few steps to get it done. Those are:

Expanding on the points mentioned above, firstly, you need to visit the given website URL link for getting your RAP Certificate renewed. The website on the first load would look like this:

RAP Certificate Renew

As you can see, there are three empty spaces that you need to fill in. Those are:

  • Old Certificate Number
  • Registration Number
  • 6-character alphanumeric CAPTCHA code

Fill in the details accordingly and correctly. The old certificate number is the number assigned to your RAP Certificate previously. Similarly, the registration number is an acknowledgement that you receive at the time of registration.

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