How To Open RBL Bank CSP Mini ATM & List 2018

RBL Bank CSP or Ratnakar Bank Limited Customer Service Portal is the particular kiosk that is installed by normal people in select vicinities. At this portal, account holders of Ratnakar Bank Limited can easily carry out a few of their banking needs.

At a Customer Service Portal, a regular bank account holder can carry out a limited amount of services that they usually take care of at a normal branch of their bank, here it is Ratnakar Bank Limited.


In this article, we will specifically brief in on what exactly happens at a Customer Service Portal and how many Customer Service Portals of the Ratnakar Bank Limited are there in the entire country.

RBL Bank CSP in Detail

The presence of the Customer Service Portal helps the normal public to a great extent. People are mostly facing a hassle with the ever-growing number of customers in a specific bank.

The time consumed for finishing their task or getting their service done at the home branch sometimes eats up the whole day. So, by visiting these particular Customer Service Portals, the tasks can be completed.

Not only the completion of your jobs, but it also takes a soothingly less time to get it done. With all the boxes checked, you will just have to get the biometric authentication done.

The Ratnakar Bank Limited Customer Service Portal will provide the following services:

  • Cash Deposit
  • Cash Withdrawal
  • Transfer of Money to other locations within RBL
  • Concerned limit of Rs 10000 per day

As you can above in the points, firstly, you can easily deposit cash in your personal account. The customer service points are biometrically authenticated, so there is no real need to worry about the originality of the procedure.

Secondly, just like the deposit of cash, you can also carry out the withdrawal of cash from your personal account without any trouble. This is a generally encrypted process with a lot of authorisations in place.

However, you can easily do the same with biometric authentications. Apart from these, there are two types of money transfers:

  • To the same bank
  • To a different bank

In this case, with the help of a Ratnakar Bank Limited Customer Service Portal, you can easily transfer money to the same bank. However, doing the same to other branches is not achievable.

In that case, you need to visit a bank branch where it can be done pretty easily. You can transfer money in your own bank to another location as well.

And finally, the daily transaction limit at an RBL Bank CSP is Rs. 10000, just like an ATM or an Automated Teller Machine, differing from various banks, that is.


In order to check the list of Customer Service Portals of Ratnakar Bank Limited, follow these instructions carefully:

The website would look like this:


As you can see, Pin Codes are mentioned alongside each and every Customer Service Portal. You can search for your own and visit the nearest one.

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