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Spice Safar is one of the few non-banking entities that got the license from the Reserve Bank of India, about half a decade ago. It got the license to take care of several of the deeds that one can carry out in a particular bank.

Agents who have their eyes set on becoming retailers, distributors, money transfer entities etc. can register themselves with the Spice Safar portal and go ahead. Spice Safar is specifically related to the ones who are interested in being IRCTC Ticket Agents.

The modes of Payment in Spice Safar are as follows: 

  • IMPS: Beneficiary receives credit instantly
  • NEFT: Beneficiary receives credit within 2 hours

Spice Safar Homepage

In this article, we will brief in on how to register yourself as an agent on the Spice Safar Portal. Apart from that, other useful information will also be specified briefly.

Spice Safar Portal Registration

In order to successfully register yourself for the Spice Safar portal, you need to know about the whole thing completely. The Spice Safar portal, as mentioned above, is a non-banking entity that got the license around 5-6 years ago.

The license was granted by the Reserve Bank of India which helps the Spice Safar portal to take care of all sorts of payments and handling transactions within the country’s boundaries. The main use is with that of the IRCTC train ticket bookings. 

People interested in being an IRCTC Ticket Booking Agent can happily register themselves and then set up their own little place where they can do the same and earn their lives successfully.

Follow these steps carefully:

  • Visit the official website to start with the Spice Safar registration process: https://lead.spicemoney.com/LeadGeneration/login?mode=web1
  • Choose the mode accordingly
  • Finish the registration step by step

As you can see with the procedure mentioned above, firstly, you need to visit the official Spice Safar website which is mentioned in the first point itself. The website would look like this:

Spice Safar Registration

It is very specific as you can see, you need to select one out of the given two options. The two options ask whether you are new to Spice Money or whether you are already working with Spice Money.

Since this article about Spice Safar portal is for the beginners and new users to the scheme, pick the first option and proceed ahead. Then, you will be greeted with another page where you will have to again pick from a few given options.

The website would look like this:

spice safar portal

As you can see, you need to select one of the given four options. Those are as follows:

  • Becoming a Retailer
  • Becoming an IRCTC Agent
  • Becoming a Payment Solution Merchant
  • Becoming a Distributor

Since this article particularly focuses on Spice Safar, it is for the ones who are interested in becoming an IRCTC agent. As an IRCTC agent, you will be able to book tickets for people who are not able to book themselves.

Apart from the Agent commission that you will get from the Spice portal, the customers will also be paying you the Service Charge, albeit which is guided by certain rules and is levied accordingly a particular percentage.

The number of services that a Spice Agent can provide is as follows:

  • AePS (Mini ATM)
  • Money Transfer
  • Electricity
  • Flight
  • Railways
  • DTH, Recharge
  • PAN Card

Among these, you will be specifically working with stuff related to the Railways. As an agent, you need to create a separate IRCTC account where you can easily go ahead with booking tickets in your own time slots by paying through Spice Money.

Spice Safar Personal Details and Authentication

As you can easily tell my the name of the subheading, here you need to mention all the details related to you about Spice safar Authentication. This is specifically to authorize your name with the agent account that you are going to create on your name.

Using these details, it will award you with an ID or a Username with which you can easily log in to your account and carry out with your proceedings. The website would look like this:

The details that you need to mention, as given in the image are as follows:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email ID
  • Mobile Number
  • State
  • City

The Alternate Number is not mandatory, hence it is up to you to input it or not with the registration portal. After finishing it, click Next.

In the next section, you need to upload a few documents supporting your claim. The website would look like this:

Spice Money Document Upload

As you can see, you need to mention and upload these particular things:

  • Proof of Address
  • Proof of Identity
  • PAN Card
  • Photograph

Proof of Address is a document that justifies your permanent address as per the record books. As a Proof of Address, you can use either your Voter Card or your Driving Licence. Once you have uploaded either of the two, enter the number as well.

As a Proof of Identity, you can choose the above one to be the same or you can upload another as well. Later, you need to enter your PAN card or Permanent Account Number assigned to you by the Income Tax Department of India.

And finally, upload your recent photograph and submit the whole thing. Lastly, you need to confirm your procedure and note down any Acknowledgement Number that you receive on behalf of the process.

Contact these if you have any queries:

Phone Numbers:

+91 120 3986786

+91 120 5077786

Email ID: customercare@spicemoney.com

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