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Village Level Entrepreneur Certificate or VLE Certificate is a recognition that you get once you finalise your re-registration on the CSC Web Portal. It is a certificate by the organisation to run a CSC.

Candidates who get selected for the same are able to run a CSC where general people can come and avail their services and schemes launched by the government pretty easily without much hassle.

In this article, we will learn more about how to download the VLE Certificate and other important information on this very topic. You will get to know more about the eligibilities and responsibilities of a VLE. Also, Instructions for a candidate who is so much interested in getting registered as the VLE through the Online Registration procedure or even offline.

VLE Certificate Download

You have to follow a few steps in order to successfully download the VLE certificate for yourself. Make sure you enter the credentials carefully and correctly. Here are the steps that you should follow:

  • Visit the official CSC website to download the VLE Certificate as we discussed in this method: https://register.csc.gov.in/web/certificate
  • Fill out all the credentials correctly
  • Enter the 5-digit CAPTCHA given in the box
  • Click on Submit

Expanding on the points given above, firstly, you have to visit the website URL mentioned to access the site. You can download your VLE Certificate there. The webpage on the first load looks like this:

VLE Certificate Download

As you can see, you need to enter three different fields of information before proceeding ahead. Those are as follows:

  • Aadhaar Number
  • Application Reference Number (given after submitting the Application Form)
  • 5-digit CAPTCHA Text

Aadhaar number is the 12-digit Unique Identity number given by the UIDAI authorities. The application reference number is the number which you will be able to possess once you have successfully filled out the application form for CSC.

After correctly filling out these, you need to click on the Submit button. You will be redirected to the page where your certificate will be visible. Download or Print the certificate for yourself for future uses.

Responsibilities of the VLE

The VLE or the Village Level Entrepreneur will provide all the services to citizens which are provided by CSC. The VLE will act as a service delivery point through which the population of the catchments area benefits.

  • Sales and Promotion: The VLE will be actively involved in the sales process of the products and services given to him with his skills and social relations.
  • Feedback: It is the responsibility of the VLE to provide feedback at regular intervals to the SCA.
  • The VLE will ensure, without any prejudice, to provide all services to rural citizens.

Relation with Government functionaries: The VLE shall maintain a cordial relationship with Government and Panchayat functionaries at the local level.

Instructions for VLE Registration

The following are the list of the points which are to be considered by the applicant as the  Instructions before registering himself/herself as a Village Level Entrepreneur (VLE) to look own/control/start/run a Common Service Center (CSC) with the authorisation of the Central Government.

These are the things which are should be with the Applicant before he/she even gets into the Village level entrepreneur (VLR) registration procedure.

  • The candidate should ensure to pursue an active e-mail ID & Mobile Number.
  • The Applicant should enter a valid Aadhaar number to start the procedure.
  • The Applicant should have a valid PAN Number.
  • The Applicant should enter his/her name as per on the Aadhaar card.
  • Candidate should select the mode for authentication from given options.

Candidates after entering all the personal details in their respective columns as a part of the registration procedure should have to click on the “terms and Conditions” option by which he/she will be agreeing all the conditions which are listed by the Central Government.

Each and every condition should be followed and applied by the Applicant to proceed with the registration procedure without any mistakes. These are the instructions which are to be followed by the candidate/Applicant while registering for the VLE online through the official Apna CSC Portal online.

VLE Eligibility Criteria

The VLE or the Village Level Entrepreneur should be a village youth person of above 18 years of age and should be a local as well as the Indian Citizen.

Generally, the VLE should have passed the 10th level examination from a Government recognized board as a minimum level of educational qualification. The following are conditions for a VLE as a part of the Eligibility Criteria. One should have to get approved as a VLE.

  • The VLE should be fluent in reading and writing the local dialect and should also have a basic level knowledge of English language.
  • Prior knowledge of basic computer skills would be a preferred advantage.
  • The VLE should be motivated enough to be a prime driver of social change and disperse his/her duties with the utmost dedication and honesty.

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